Kaytetye is a highly endangered Indigenous language of Australia. It is spoken in the Barrow Creek region of the Northern Territory. The Kaytetye language group have been documenting their language for many years with linguist Myfany Turpin. The Thangkerne content was made for younger Kaytetye people so they can learn more about their language and culture.

The Kaytetye audio was read by the late Alison Ross in 2012 for the Kaytetye Digital Dictionary Project funded by the University of Queensland. The Kaytetye sentences were written by Alison Ross† in 1999 for the Kaytetye Dictionary Project funded by the Australian Government. Some descriptions were given by other Kaytetye speakers:

Concept and content: Hilda Ngamperle, Lena Ngamperle, Amy Ngamperle, Rachel Dinnie and Elise Numina (Getting in Touch App Workshop participants).

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For more information about Kaytetye language see:
Turpin, M. and A. Ross (2012). Kaytetye to English Dictionary. Alice Springs NT, IAD Press.