Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

Cacatua leadbeateri


Akngkwenelepe aynenke nterrenge arwele arenye kape athe arenye. Thangkerne nyartepe arltere paympelhe errwelenge, kwenengepe rntere-rntere. Thangkerne nyartepe arlpankele anteyane kwarte akake kape akwerrke akakepe anenke arwele ilperele. Nyartepe thangkerne weye ahene aynewethe.

The Major Mitchell's cockatoo eats seeds from trees, plants and grass. It has white feathers and its wings are white over the top, but red or dark pink down the bottom. It lives in the plains and only nests in a tree hollow when it has eggs or babies. This bird is good to eat.